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I am a 8x Certified Master PMU Artist & Am based in the Atlanta, Ga area. I am also a Master Cosmetologist holding my license for over 24 years. I have been in the beauty industry for a total of 28 years collectively. I specialize in ombre powder eyebrows, micro shading as well as eyeliner, smudge eyeliner, faux freckles, Beauty marks, Lip Blush & Ljp Neutralization & Brow Concealer Highlighter. I pride myself on being a multicultural artist specializing in multi-cultures & all skin types with a wide range of clientele. With an Extensive Esthetics background on skin and skin conditions, this has helped me achieve great success working with a wide range of Ethnicities.

My trainings have been all over the country from California to Florida. As well as continued education. I still continue to educate myself. It does not end with one. But this is a career change that will eventually become a passion and make you eager to learn more.

Training with the right instructor is the first and most important decision when entering the Permanent Cosmetic world which is why I pride myself on giving my mentees a Hands on, live model experience. Hands on is the best way to learn in intimate settings. Even after training we have student beds available at my 2500 sq. Ft facility in case you wanted to take your model after class with me present. I will guide you to get past the first “ice breaker” model on the way to jump start your career.

With training, there is so much knowledge, but even with all that knowledge, you would need to be a pro-active participate, constantly perfecting your craft, your machine movements, practicing your pressure and hand movements so you can stay up to date as this industry is constantly evolving.

Any questions or concerns, you have complete access to me and I even have students FaceTime me while working on procedures. So once a training starts, I am constantly involved and will provide on going mentorship.

Our kits include enough supplies to get you started in this PMU world.

  • Training Manual (reference book)

  • Full supply kit & Machine for 20 people.

  • Specific courses have online access

  • Student bed (1st session is included after training)

  • Licensing Info

  • Marketing & Business listings

  • How to find Clients

  • Sanitation & Disinfection

  • Brow Mapping

  • Analogy of different skin types

  • Consent forms & Aftercare documents

  • Mentorship support group

  • Student Shadow Day (1st session included)


All Classes are Certification Class Signed & Sealed by a Master Cosmetologist/Instructor. It is needed when applying for your Body Arts License in your local County. I will guide you through all the steps needed in order to obtain your license when the time comes.

For now, Let focus on Getting this New Career started with a Mentor that Really cares!

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This is a  1 Day, hand on, live model training course that comes with the essentials of brow mapping. Comes with a supply kit.



Is available for Ombre  Brows/ Microshading. Online lip training will be available soon.

How to Book


You will send your deposit to my Zelle account

Send me your legal name for the certificate, email and phone number.


For brows I will enroll you in the online Brow Course the same day.


You pick your training dates and I prepare your kits and work on lining up your models.


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