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Why I am not a fan of Blading, But am A fan of Shading...

So, I get asked this question on a daily basis? Do I offer Microblading. Honestly, I am not a fan of blading. I will share with you you the pros and cons of why. Blading is using a very sharp hand tool to cut a small slice into the skin and implant the pigment.

*) It only goes down 2 layers.

*) It requires more touchups and does not lay as long.

*) It has the risk to cause scarring and scar tissue . *) After 2-3 sessions of blading, you will have to get it shaded over

*) It is more prone to change to unpleasant colors such as red, pink, black and grey. *) It does not last as long and requires more visits which is more of an investment.

Why do I prefer Shading?

*) Goes down 7 layers for lasting results.

*) Stay true to color longer

*) Does not cause scar tissue

*) Requires less touchups

Hopefully this valuable information will help with your decision making process. I do not offer blading but I will be offering Nano blading which is done with a machine in the Spring of 2021.

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