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  • What do I specialize in?
    Ombre powder brows and Microshading.
  • What is the difference between Blading and Ombre/ Shading?
    Microblading only goes on the surface skin down 2 layers. It fades within 12-18 months. It requires more touches and does have a risk of creating scar tissue. It may also shift the color to an unattractive color if not done on the right skin. Enviromental factors also shift the color such as shampoo and conditioners with sulfate, sun exposure, skincare products etc. After 3 sessions, it will eventually have to be shaded over anyway. Ombre shading/ Shading is considered similar to a tattoo because it goes down 7 surface layers. It lasts longer. It typically is more true to color when applied. Less chance for scarring. It heals more like a makeup fill-in soft powdery finish. Softer and lighter in the front then the middle and back. Both require a 5-8 week touchup however after the touchup is completed, you do not need to get as many “Maintanence “color boost as you would with Blading. Which one is my preference….. Ombre / Shading
  • How long after do you need a color boost after your procedure?
    We usually tell Caucasian women to come back every 12-18 months and ethnic women every 18-24 months. Why do we say this? Because the skin thickness is different.
  • What is the Aftercare on Permanent Makeup?
    We encourage you to continue using Grapeseed oil even after it is healed all the way. To moisturize the color and have it retain longer. What is the healing process like? For lips… Swelling lasts 24-48hours. Starts to shed after 72 hours in a snakeskin like form. ( 24 hours downtime) For eyebrows… Scabbing usually starts around day 3-5. Lasts typically 1 week. In this week, it will shed and look patchy during this process. You cannot pick the scabs for any reason. ( No downtime) For eyeliner… Its a 24 hour downtime do to the swelling. Could last 24-72 hours
  • What do we ask you to do before your appointments?
    *)Stop taking blood thinners, aspirin regimen, apple cider vinegar, and fish oil 3-5 days prior. *)Stop using skincare products that contain any acids. That includes glycolic, salicyliic, kojic, hyralonic, etc. Also cannot use products with AHA's (Alpha- hydroxy's) & BHA's (beta-hydroxy), and especially not retionals or Retinol-A. THESE ARE REQUIREMENTS FOR ALL PERMANENT MAKEUP PROCEDURES. For lips…. We need you to start the exfoliation process for your lips with a toothbrush 5 days before coming. Also, right before your procedure we would like you to get started on a dialy regime of L-lysine to prevent cold sores & assist with speedy tissue repair. 7 days total would be an adequate range of doses. Some people have a dormant HPV_1 Herpes simplex-1 antibody from cold sores as a child and with the Lip procedure it will activate this antibiody. In sensitive cases, you may have to obtain a prescription from you PCP for Valtrex but not required in all cases. No caffeine or alcohol the day of the appointment please.
  • What is Lip Blush?
    It is a Cosmetic Lip Tattoo that is done. It fades 50 perfect for a natural soft tint to the lips. Requires an 8 week perfection touchup. Lasts 2-5 years.
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