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Wash your brows 2-3 hours after the procedure with the soap furnished 

How To wash- Sudsy, soapy, one direction,gently, splash rinse, paper towel blot.

Apply a VERY, VERY THIN coat of ointment in the morning, noon and night for the next 2 weeks. Only to where it is a shine. 

Avoid Direct sunlight during the entire course of 4-week healing.

Wash brows every other day very gently for the next weeks. 

Do not have shampoo & conditioner with sulfates run down on the face in the shower. 

Do not let the shower water beat down on the face. 

Do not use a sauna, swim or sweat for the next 2 weeks. 

DO NOT pick your scabs. 

Suds wash, rinse and only use a paper towel to blot dry. Do not use a towel or washrag to dry. 

Do not ever use skincare products that contain retinols and acids such as hyaluronic, glycolic, kojic, citric, niacidimine,

black soap, skin. Brighteners, acne treatments, anti- aging products, cervave, etc in the permanent m makeup area. It will fade and remove color. This goes for future reference as well.

 If intense itching occurs  during the healing, apply hydrocortisone cream with aloe very sparingly. 

Touch up at 5 weeks, once touchup is done, We will see you again either yearly/bi-yearly (depending on lifestyle) for a Color boost. 

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