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Lip Neutralization is the process of lightening the lips. This procedure is made for dark lips. The darker the lip, the more sessions needed. 


The recommended number of sessions for lip neutralization for finished and optimum results are 3 sessions. The initial and 2 touchups. However, can be 4 at a touchup additional charge. 

There is swelling that happens directly after and will last for 24-48 hours. The color of lip neutralization heals a bit different then lip blush as it does go darker after the procedure before it goes lighter. The longer you wait to come back for the touchup the better. The recommended time to come back is 6-8 weeks. That is how long it will take the color to fully process. They will look a little patchy. After 2 weeks and being fully healed on the exterior of the lip, you are allowed to use lipstick or lip gloss. 

        Please remember you have discolored lips for years…give yourself the time and trust the process to lighten them.


These are 3 appointments over the course of 4 months so please be mentally prepared and patient for the process. To prevent a cold sore being developed during healing, please start to take L-lysine 2 days before your procedure. Also, please begin to gently brush your lips while brushing your teeth to exfoliate any dead skin and get it ready for the pigment. 


Wash with the soap given and you can utilize ice pack and ibuprofen on the first day. 
Apply ointment same night 
Scabbing will begin on day 3.
Shedding will the place over the next week. 
Please do not pull scabs or shedding phase, it may cause scarring.
Apply ointment frequently throughout the day and at night for the first 2 weeks. 


Avoid heavily seasoned, salty & spicy foods. 
No kissing or oral sex
Take L-lysine every day for 6 days
If cold sores do occur, please start applying abreva onto lips along with the L-lysine. 
Avoid strong mouthwashes. 
Do not let the shower water beat down on your face when bathing. 
Use a straw when drinking. 

Lips will be completely done shedding usually around Day7-8 if not sooner. However, the color will still be processing underneath the surface for 6-8 weeks to come. 




There is a higher likelihood of infection in lips then another part of the body because of the number of natural bacteria in the mouth. We ask that you notify the technician on Day 3 of pain levels and update photo. If an infection is trying to make an appearance, usually it can be recognized by Day 3 after the procedure. 

If an infect ion does occur, please seek medical attention from your primary care physician for a prescription of antibiotics. 

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