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First Session- Take 2-3 hours. We do or initial measurements, customized for or personal brows. We go over the natural hair as much as possible. Appl pigment. This is the longest appointment because we are laying the groundwork. During the healing lips will  fade 30-50% depending on the client’s skincare and AFTERCARE. 


Touchup appointments are mandatory for a finished look. This appointment takes roughly 1 ½ -2 hours give or take. We make sure the measurements are accurate, make ad shape or saturation adjustments, add an additional coat onto the lips to refill whatever pigment may have been lost. Same healing process happens with touchup appointment as with the initial appointment. 


Retention touchup- This is not common however it may be needed depending on or skin type. If you were on skincare products prohibited during the first session, you very well may need a 3rd touchup retention Appointment. Everyone’s skin is like a fingerprint. Very unique. You may have resistant skin. Worst case scenario, a third retention touchup will be done, which is rare, but possible and it will get you on course for long lasting maximum retention. 


Bi/Tri /Quad-annual color Boost- This is needed every 2-4years. The color and procedure will never leave. Once it is on, it is on, however will different lifestyle choices such as sun tanning, working out, excessive sweating, skincare etc., the color may fade over time. We ask you to come back in once ever 2-4 years for a color boost. This refreshens the color and revitalizes them. 


Lip Blush requires 2 appointments  and possible a third but rarely. 

Lip Neutralization Requires 3   appointments minimum.

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