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Please discontinue all skin care products containing acids and retinols. Including over the counter such as Oil of Olay, Cerave, Mary Kay, Black soap, serums, creams and cleansers. 
Some common ingredients are niacidimine, vitamin c, vitamin e, glycolic, Hyaluronic, kojic, salicylic acids, anti-aging products, acne products. These should be avoided. Please discontinue 2 weeks prior to you PMU appointment. This is extremely important for optimum results. 

For lips: Need to stay hydrating with fluids week before, lightly brush lips while brushing your teeth to begin exfoliating  and keep them heavily moisturized week leading up to appointment

If you want to maintain youthful skin, we have a Botox injector that can achieve what those products can instantly but these products and acids will FADE & REMOVE our PMU. CANNOT resume using even after the fact in the procedure area because it will affect your PMU. 

No caffeine the day of. 
No alcohol the day before or day of until after procedure
No fish oil vitamins within 1 week of treatment 
No Apple cider vinegar within one week of treatment 
Do not use aspirin within 3 days of appointment
No Botox within 3 weeks of procedure 
No chemical peels within 2 weeks of procedure 
No special occasions for the next 2 weeks due to scabbing and healing 

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